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For the active travellers!
Brampton is a walker’s, trail runner’s and cyclist’s paradise, with a wealth of routes fanning out in all directions and views of stunning countryside wherever you go.
Talkin Tarn, Brampton
For the active travellers!

If you’re walking the Hadrian’s Wall route then rather than getting a lift from the Sycamore Gap guest house back to the Wall, walk up over the Moot and past the statue of William Howard, after whom the local school is named (a branch of the family which owns Castle Howard in Yorkshire: the local branch still lives at Naworth Castle). From here you can pass through Ridge Woods with a view over towards Kielder Forest and Scotland, and then through Quarry Beck Woods to Lanercost. At Lanercost a short walk up the hill takes you to Haytongate Farm, where you can turn either west or east along the Hadrian’s Wall path.

Alternatively, if you want a shorter circular route then walk or run up through Rowbank Woods and round Talkin Tarn and back (c.6 miles) or explore Gelt Woods. All routes entail very little road but plenty of tracks and trails through woodland, principally beeches and pines, and across fields. Gelt Woods with its pounding, dashing river, has examples of Roman graffiti on rock faces which were once a quarry, and is an RSPB nature reserve.

Slightly further afield, a walk up Talkin Fell either from the village of Talkin or from Jockey’s Shield above Castle Carrock, will provide you with fantastic views of Geltsdale and, from the cairns at the top, over towards the Lake District Fells, the Solway Firth, and Scotland.

The roads are lovely for cycling due to the lack of traffic. You can join the Reiver trails and cycle around Bewcastle and Longtown; enjoy low-level cycling through small villages such as Hayton, Farlam and Castle Carrock; or climb up through Banks and along to Birdoswald Roman Fort. One thing is guaranteed: that you will see hardly any cars.

Brampton is a good stopping point for cyclists travelling from Land’s End to John O’Groats or along Sustran’s Hadrian’s cycleway (route NCN72).

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